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Melody Gardner began her construction career by working for a San Jose Law firm that specialized in construction litigation cases, more specifically cases that were in defense of contractors.  It was an extremely valuable experience and she learned the pitfalls and the legal obligations that are required to run a contracting operation.

After a few years at the law firm she went to work for a large scale grading and paving contractor.  She worked as one of the office staff and learned a lot about the operations at a larger construction company.

With the experience she brings to PSI she has strengthened the company’s professionalism and the processes that insure PSI is meeting not only its commitments to our customers but also its legal obligations for the business.


Pedro Vazquez began working for PSI Concrete Company in 1993. He was 18 years old and working as a concrete laborer.  In a short time Pedro set himself apart from the rest of the crew. He was eager to move up the ranks. He had no fear of hard work, a desire and ability to very quickly learn how to read plans and he was a natural leader.  He soon began running crews for PSI Concrete, initially small remodel projects and then in 1998 he was handed the responsibility to manage a $ 280,000.00 foundation project. His ability to organize crews in order to meet the project goals and milestones seemed to come to Pedro naturally.

Now Pedro is one of PSI Superintendents and manages multiple projects by assisting and directing the job foreman. He is a customer oriented representative of PSI and demands quality work from his crews.  Pedro represents the excellence and the attitude that we at PSI Concrete strive to bring to our clients through our employees.


Concrete Specialists Since 1985



Arthur Arciniega began his concrete construction career working summers as a concrete laborer with his fathers concrete construction business,  J. Arciniega Concrete in 1964, he was 14 years old. He learned the value of hard work, efficiency and a quality product. He also gained some experience in residential flatwork construction, residential foundations, commercial concrete and masonry work.

By 21 he had joined the cement Masons Union and worked in San Diego and Orange County in Southern Ca. working on freeway construction projects, bridges, high rise buildings, schools, industrial concrete projects and housing tracts.

In 1972 he moved to San Jose and went to work for a local concrete contractor and gained experience in foundation construction. He worked as a foundation form setter and joined the Carpenters Union in 1975. As a carpenter he also learned framing and cut & set beams on housing tracts and did some exterior siding before coming back to concrete construction.

In the late 70’s he and his brother started Arcon Concrete Co. in San Jose. This is where the business experience from his fathers’ construction company began to become more relevant. Sales, estimating, scheduling, equipment, field management, employee issues and proper paperwork are only some of the challenges that owners have to face. After some difficult years he decided to move in a different direction.


In 1985 he and Melody Gardner who had experience in a construction attorney’s office and in a grading contractors office began a new concrete construction business. Their goal was to create a concrete construction company that focused on professionalism, customer service and integrity.  Professionalism, Service, Integrity, - PSI Concrete.

More than thirty years after PSI’s inception and over fifty years after those summers working with his father, Art Arciniega still remembers the value of hard work, efficiency and a quality product.



Robert Arciniega began working summers as a concrete laborer for his father at J. Arciniega Concrete in the late 60’s. He worked on residential flatwork construction projects, residential foundations, commercial concrete and masonry work.

At 21 in 1973 he joined the cement Masons Union in San Diego County in Southern California.  He worked on commercial tilt-up construction, industrial slabs & machine pads and housing tract slab foundations.

Following a moratorium on construction work in the early 1970s he moved from San Diego to San Jose with his Union Card and found work on the tilt-up construction projects that were booming in Santa Clara Valley at that time.  

In the late 70’s he and his brother started Arcon Concrete Co. in San Jose & gained extensive experience in managing and running a construction business.

In the late 1980’s he moved to Salem Oregon for a couple of years and worked for a concrete construction company forming and pouring commercial slab floors and foundations.

Bob also has experience as a form setting carpenter doing bridgework and residential framing after working for several years in the carpenters union.  Bob came to PSI in 1995 as a Foreman and ran high end residential foundations, commercial jobs and industrial concrete projects.  He is now a Project Manager on a variety of projects and manages the crews, materials, production schedules and the information flow of various projects at the same time.

The extensive knowledge that Robert Arciniega has gained over the 50 years in the trade are only one of the reasons we like having him on our team.

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